The mirror reflects a man crying incurably. The man is probably in his fifties, wrinkles and folds paint his face. There is no light in the room except a small bulb on top of the man, illuminating his face and throwing everything else into darkness. He stops; abruptly looks up into the mirror and starts sniggering which slowly grows louder as the man starts laughing throwing his arms up in the air. His hysteric laughter echoing in the room. The animated look on his face makes one think (almost surely) if he is insane. The laughing ends as he exhales still in small fits and then stops with a deep breath ….

After a moment of silence, there comes a voice,

“CUT! THAT WAS AMAZING. Now let’s do that again from the top.”

The man looks to his side, there is a script on the table beside him. His eyes fall on the last line on the page:

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