This week was the week of image creations. We had to choose a subject to represent mostly an animal and make many different renditions of it with different materials (not unlike Bottle Project) and then, arrange the in range of representation from a photographic one to the word of the subject itself covering many different representations and arranging them in a meaningful format. I made about 24 different images and choose 6 of them to show the range of them. This is the end result.

I made many different renditions of different cows from a few models I had these are some of them:

A Grotesque Accident

AKZIDENZ GROTESK was one of the first sans-serifs. It is the inspiration behind HELVETICA and GOTHAM. This week we had to make a typographic poster representing the feeling that the typeface gives out. Akzidenz is crude and an uneven font and I choose to show that in my design.

Pattern Making

This week was making patterns by starting off with a single emblem and then all of that was left was arrangement and the colours. We had to choose an era and a region. I choose the place closest to me, southern India. I took inspiration from 18th century block prints an similarly hand printed Kalamkari. I made two different versions of the same emblem.


This time I worked on lighting and texturing an art studio file. It was really fun to work on it, I had to try out many light maps before I found how I wanted to show it. I worked on MAYA and MAYA Software Render.

The time is around 3:45 in the afternoon when the sun throws completely diagonal rays.