Playbills are not often given where I live but, I made some for my hypothetical theatre production, George Bernard Shaw’s Plays Unpleasant by Little Productions theatre company. The animals represent the characters in their respective plays.

I also designed the inside page. Since this is a very small production, the playbill will be small too. But, there will be on playbill for each play.


I made a pattern encapsulating the plays so, I decided to use it for all the visual identity of the Little Productions’ production of it. (This is a completely hypothetical event)

I wrote the type by hand to carry the message of stuffy. Maybe it’s because I have a very old tattered version of it but, Plays Unpleasant always seemed stuffy notwithstanding it’s exposure to unwanted, hidden emotions.

I imagine this production of the play to almost border on private viewing because it’s romantic to design a poster that might only be seen by only the few people who go to this play. Like a merchandise poster or a collectible. Like this….


Plays Unpleasant by George Bernard Shaw needs an illustration that is unpleasant, too close for comfort and beautiful like itself. So, I created a collage that I thought encapsulates the theme. The crow represents ‘The Philanderer’, snake represents ‘Mrs. Warren’s Profession’ and the crocodile represents ‘Widower’s House’.



This is the book. This was the piecing the puzzle part. I made spreads, compositions and ranges and the added a reason to put them all in this book. MOOr is a book about a day in cow’s life. The majesty of it’s mundane quirks is what drew me to this subject and I found more and more things which I loved in them. The sun moves according to the time throughout the book.

Virtual book link:

The following are the pages. They are how you might look at them in a book, two letter size pages together. The first image is the book cover, the front (right) and the back cover (left). There are 20 pages in total including the front and back cover.

Cheese Spread

This part of the project was to make experimental spreads using three different compositional contrasts (2 of each) : scale, space, and figure/ground relation (depth). I chose five of my renditions to try different compositions to work as book spreads. I also tried showing texture contrast through some of these compositions. These compositions flow from one to other i.e. even if they are different pages the compositions are connected through it.

MOO Board

The end point of Project MOO is creating varied images of your subject and composing them together. This all has to start with a Mood Board. I have chosen my subject: A Cow. So I made a mood board with pictures that I thought would have a semblance to my desired outcome.