This is a poster for a performance in MoMA choreographed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker called ‘Work/Travail/Arbeid’ which means Work/Work/Work it’s about how the chaotic and the hectic cycle of people is unending. For this piece she assigned one dancer to one instrument. The performance itself is 9 hours long. It’s my love for this piece that made me want to do something about this.

The credits for this poster got to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, MoMA and the videographer of the piece.


I shut the door 


My mother, my uncle and my grandmother turned to look at me.

My mother asked, “Why are you panting?, Did you run?”

I stood there in shock, breathless

My mother standing at the kitchen table, turned to her stripping

leaves from the stalk, uncle sleeping on the sofa flipping channels, mother glanced at me again,

“Why did you run?”

There was silence.

My grandmother was busy cleaning a pot.

“i was touched”


My mother took a deep breath

It was my uncle who broke the silence,”The roads are very dangerous these days no?”. He said to my mother. Got up from the sofa and walked inside towards the kitchen table.

I was standing there. All I could feel was my cheeks, they were turning hotter and my ears, they were experiencing a kind of ringing which I prided myself for having every now and then as I believed it to be and still do to be the sound of the universe.

My grandmother was scrubbing off any dust she could find on the pot.

My mother, stripping the leaves from the stalk asked me, “do you want Upma or Idli we have both.”

i never liked upma

YAYOI KUSAMA : 1960s to Now (Artist Guide)

This is three page brochure about the artist, Yayoi Kusama and her life and achievements. This is available in two different languages having varied audiences in mind. Yayoi Kusama is the inventor of polka dots and infinity mirrors and has been contributed everything from polka pumpkins to infinite worlds filled with lights.

The pictures in this brochure are not mine and the credit to the artist and the photographer are given in the design.

The prototype Artist Guide



YAYOI KUSAMA 1960s to Now (Exhibition Poster)

This is a poster of a Yayoi Kusama Exhibition in the Mori Arts Museum in Tokyo. I made the poster in a similar format to the usual museum posters in Japan. They are either bilingual or they make identical posters in Japanese and English. I tried my hand at making my first bilingual poster. I am learning Japanese right now so, that helped me at putting this together.

This is not an exhibition that took place. The photograph used in this design is not mine, the credit has been given to the artist and the photographer in the work itself.


Playbills are not often given where I live but, I made some for my hypothetical theatre production, George Bernard Shaw’s Plays Unpleasant by Little Productions theatre company. The animals represent the characters in their respective plays.

I also designed the inside page. Since this is a very small production, the playbill will be small too. But, there will be on playbill for each play.