This time I worked on lighting and texturing an art studio file. It was really fun to work on it, I had to try out many light maps before I found how I wanted to show it. I worked on MAYA and MAYA Software Render.

The time is around 3:45 in the afternoon when the sun throws completely diagonal rays.



I am in the process of making a 3D movie and I completed my pre-production. I wanted to reflect the current political state of the world by using zebras as a metaphor. Here are some snippets of the whole process :


I am really proud of my storyboard this time. Hope you like it too.


I made a movie and went through the production pipeline. I started with an idea and went all the way to editing, it was pretty awesome.

My story and script :

My Storyboard

My Movie :

I made the movie in animate and was pressed for time, but i hope you enjoyed!

LOAWNU : Adapting from a folklore

We were set up to the task of making a pre-production file of an already existing story. I choose a Chinese tale, LOAWNU. We had to start of with scripting and research, then we went to character design and description and ultimately the story boarding and the camera blocking. The following is my pre-production file of LOAWNU.


There are a few mistakes, I could have done a lot more research, played around more with character design. But, this was the end and it took a good two months.